Misconceptions In A Pittsburgh DUI

There are an unfortunate number of Pittsburgh residents that have many uncorrected misconceptions about our local and state DUI laws. Protect yourself and your record by educating yourself about your rights and the prohibitions against alcohol in our commonwealth. If you have questions or have been arrested for DUI, please feel free to contact us here at the law office of the Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer.

The legal limit for alcohol in the state of Pennsylvania is .08%. If your BAC level is found to be above this limit, you will be charged for DUI. Refusing a BAC test is considered a separate crime apart from a DUI itself; if you refuse a BAC test at the scene of your arrest, it can be used to increase your punishment at trial.

Many people do not understand that DUI laws also apply to vehicles other than automobiles. If you are found under the influence while operating a boat, you can be charged with Boating Under the Influence (BUI), for which the consequences include fines up to thousands of dollars, imprisonment, and the loss of boating privileges.

You can also lose your license even if your DUI charges are dismissed. You have 30 calendar days from the date of your DUI arrest to request a hearing with the DMV. If you do not request this hearing, your license will be automatically suspended.

If you or someone you love has been arrested for DUI, our legal team can help you get your life back on track. If you’re in trouble, we can help. Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation with the Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer.